Linea pappa set 6M+

Soft Cup allows a gradual transition from sucking to drinking thanks to the soft silicone spout that controls the passage of the liquid avoiding spillage; the two handles are designed to follow the shape of the object and to facilitate the grip, also thanks to the rubber inserts. 
The dish Pappacalda 2 in 1, composed of a base that keeps food warm and a plate container, is characterized by the non-slip inserts and anti sunburn, but also for the ergonomic shape that facilitates grip. Every detail of the dish is designed for ease of use: the specific capacity for the first meal, the concave groove that holds the spoon, the space to cool the food gradually.
Linea pappa set 6M+ 
Soft cup details.
Linea pappa set 6M+
Pappacalda 2 in 1 dish details.
Linea pappa set 12M+
From 12 months,  begins the real exploration and imitative phase, in which the child trying to grab and use the cutlery, as well as to drink from his cup. 
The Pappa Cup, whose oscillating base allows the child to become familiar with the support on the table, avoiding the overthrow thanks to the presence of two handles, is designed to transform even in his first glass.
In the first few uses, the cup is used with its rigid spout helping the child in determining the flow of liquids.
Once you have mastered the drink "cascade", the spout and handles are removed to show the first real glass of the child. 
The Prime Cutlery Dishes Set  encourage the child to eat properly according to the table or high chair.
The various elements are characterized by small size, inserts and details non-slip ergonomic handles and rounded forms, also tips to promote safety and handling.
Linea pappa set 18M+
From 18 months the child is independent and able to eat and drink at the table either on its own and outside the home.
For this reason, Cutlery Inox, with most suitable size and ergonomic shape for an easy grip, have rounded tips in steel ensuring maximum safety and hygiene. 
While the Walk Cup accompanying the child outside the home, helping to keep the temperature for longer and allowing him to drink wherever you are with the convenient removable silicone straw.

The selected colors, in shades of green and red, are the result of a careful study of CFM. This range of colors are tenuous and inspire harmony and balance by stimulating the appetite and also adapting the children's universe male and female.
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