The thermos lid features a smooth, curvy style which embodies dynamism and energy typical of the sport system where this product rightly belongs.
The Spanish firm Laken selected DESIGNSUMISURA to design the lid of a range of metal thermal bottles, which are ideal for trekking or travelling.
The concept was based on the aim to design a thermal bottle with a leakprook cap allowing for easy drinking. The design was developed to facilitate one-handed opening and, as an outcome, the opening and closing mechanism shows a great attention to details and style which are inspired by the sports world.
The suction nozzle is in silicone,  a “flexible” element, which facilitates the opening and closing of the pressure valve and pushing and pulling of the nozzle itself.
The nozzle comes with a protective flap in rigid plastic with hermetic sealing and is one of the best options available on the market as it combines superior hygienic performance and a simple mechanism. All parts of the thermal bottles were specifically engineered to facilitate production, assembly of the final product and insertion of all its components to speed manufacturing.
To simplify the production process, the four cap components can be easily assembled according to the following order: snap spring button; protective flap shaped to ease the insertion of the spring button and maintain its pressure; silicone nozzle (with ergonomic shaping to ensure usability) and its support, silicone sealing valve to facilitate airflow and suction.
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