The famous telephone operator Fastweb must redefine the aesthetic and functional concept of a common object like a  wirless modem , from this request was born Top Fiber Modem branded Fastweb.
The challenge of DESIGNSUMISURA was to minimize the visibility of unwieldy and anti-aesthetic cables and ventilation grilles, creating a clean and elegant product. When it’s well designed, the modem could be shown in the house and, thanks to the sleek and minimalist design, it could adapt to different styles of furniture.
The central part of the lid becomes a comfortable support for electronic devices, such as smart phones, cameras, and other products rechargeable through the USB port on the cover. The product, in addition to its network access function, plays also as charging and storage appliance.
The various object functions are highlighted by different surface treatment of the ABS bodyshell:  satin finish in the central part of the cover and glossy in the remaining parts, in that way, while there is a distinction between functional areas, we have a pleasant product.
The product is equipped with a discrete support that, besides allowing the possibility of hanging the device to the wall or to place it in the upright position, thereby reducing the overall dimensions, can be used to install the cables neatly.
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