The famous phone operator Fastweb would redefine the aesthetic and functional concept of a common object like a  wireless modem, from this request is born Top Fiber Modem. Fastweb Modem is a combination of aesthetics and functionality that creates a fresh and innovative device.
This characteristics was also the guide line to design the modem graphics and technical packaging.
DESIGNSUMISURA has realized a package, which is sophisticated and modern.
The minimalist design is made by the intersection of the white colour, recalling the same shade of the modem inside, with the tight black line, which makes  to recognize easily the box opening.
This technical packaging come from a deep study of the direct consumers experience: conscious that the package plays an important role in the consumers’ attraction. For this reason we think about the packaging more like a sort of precious coffer, moving to the classic box lid from the top of the package to the wider side.
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