The product’s shape, in fact, has been studied to enhance its “functionality” and create a silent fan heater, conveying this technical requirement into its aesthetics and rarefied materials which influence the object’s weight.

The finished product is conceived to be fluid and organic as is the hot air produced by the motor and conveyed towards the venting grid. The latter divides the front body of the fan heater at the top. The fan’s structure features a closed and compact volume combined with a slim stylised shape (standing out especially in its outline).

The shell shapes the fan, which includes two faces, a slightly rounded and polished front face and the rear one which is smooth, opaque and straight and adds a thinner style to the product. The faces get larger on the base, studied to guarantee stability. Control knobs are set on the side and the LED battery light is set on the top corner.
The front design is completed by the wide opening of the venting grid, featuring a graphic style on its metal finishings which integrates perfectly with the product’s shape and stands out from the plastic body.
The distinctive trait of this project is that the fan heater can be both wall mounted (degree of protection: IP 24) and set on the floor (degree of protection: IP 21) and had to be devised with a highly aesthesthic design in both cases.
In the wall mounted version, which is ideal to heat bathrooms, the fan heater is hooked upside down on a specific bracket so that its bulging back is slightly separated from the wall and the fan heater can pivot freely on its axis.
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