DESIGNSUMISURA redesigned the traditional booster seat, a type of seating which allows growing toddlers to sit at the table with adults.
The seat features a perfectly compact shape, slightly squared design, which is toned down by its rounded edges and bicolouring effect with contrasting colours on the inside and the outside “shell”.
The formal language for this product was not conventionally defined as “baby-fun” (which risks becoming almost a parody of children’s design codes and styles) but shaped according to an evergreen design to create empathy, devise a product ideal in different settings, and to communicate the product’s main characteristics which are its sturdiness and durability:  this booster seat is more a friendly accessory than a toy.
The design of Chicco MoDe was developed alongside a specific CFM study (colours, finishings and materials) to provide different image strategies to the client based on a range of colours, finishings and details. As an outcome, the final product is styled by a  printed padding coming in coloured or “optical style” textures which adds an elegant touch to the booster seat. Baby, children and infant care product design and study.
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