Analysis is an essential step towards innovation. Our studio is able to perform objective market analyses based on a brand and its core values; evaluating the influence of competitors and giving a clear picture of the marketing of existing products in order to explore new creative opportunities. The first stage of analysis is based on the exhaustive study of an object according to its functions and formal language to fully understand the experiences determined by this object. This phase allows us to make a new project to redesign and improve this object.
We design new products and services according to the analysis of briefs and contests keeping in mind all functional and emotional aspects. Technologies, materials and finishings all contribute to shape the character of a product which stems directly from a brand and must express and convey its values. Unexpressed needs, new techniques and technologies and the latest trends bring us to find innovative solutions for companies.
Complexity and industrial capacity to reproduce a product: these are the technical and functional aspects related to product making. A study of the product’s configuration and prototypes testing are the first steps to define technical aspects and construction details optimising components to cut down final mould costs.These early studies are extremely important also in relation to the first mechanical tests which allow to optimise the entire industrialisation process.
Today more than ever before consumers choose products also according to its aesthetics and tactile properties, identifying objects which satisfy them and best represent them. For this reason the success of every product also depends from the selection of materials employed and its finishing. The CFM project – colours, finishing and materials – specifically studies colours, finishings and materials adding value to products. These aspects define products and are also increasingly associated to brands as they establish a relation with costumers who, more and more often, choose an object and the company itself among a vast and complex market scenario.
During the interface design process we put a lot of attention in the analysis of the relation between the user and the product. It is significant to have a simple intuitive interface, which helps the user in acquaintance of the product, which sometimes encloses a lot of numerous and technical information. The study of the graphic interface includes as well the analysis of the linked information, where we understand the hierarchy of reading/understanding levels and their connection to the user mind throughout a logical process, which has to be the most intuitive as possible.
brand identity is the visualisation and communication of a brand’s core values which must be mirrored in its products as they also become clearly identifiable as a company asset. For this reason products must have specific intrinsic characteristics shaped on the brand’s image. This is possibile thanks to a comprehensive study of graphics, packaging and the company’s character showcased at fairs and stores. In some cases the products itself contribute to define a brand’s corporate identity.
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