The well-known brand QTS, specialising in top level dispenser, commisioned DESIGNSUMISURA to design the newest Auto-Cut paper dispenser.
The studio realised both the product design and engineering. In particular, DESIGNSUMISURA focuses itself on the engineering of the internal mechanical components like the cutting unit shell and the paper roll support system.
The rounded and solid dispenser, represents at best a pratic and widely used product.
The surface of the ABS cover has a polycarbonate window that allows you to monitor consumption  level of the paper. Thought to facilitate cleansing and maintenance, the lid is equipped with a locking system with special keys for the replacement of the product dispensed, and a quick release system, available only for authorized personnel, which allows easy replacement without the use of any other tools.
The system is also equipped with a retractable and discrete side handle  which allows dispensing and recharging easily the paper.
The internal parts have been engineered to simplify the operations of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.
The two paperholder have been designed to simplify the  roll replacement, which can be carried with one hand, speeding and facilitating this process.
In this way it’s possible to regulate the wheelbase of the shoulders to adapt it to paper rolls of different sizes.
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