From the collaboration with Ermete Giudici, specializing in electric heating systems, comes the new portable fan heater “SIDE”.
The studio challenge was to maintain the product characteristics of practicality and efficiency, while considering also an appealing and modern design , it should integrates itself perfectly in the home environment, like a true complement of furniture, for these reasons, DSM thought to a compact object with sober and smooth lines.
One of a kind, SIDE presents the air baffle group in the side of the product, which in addition to being hidden from view, allows a radial and uniform heat diffusion.
Thanks to this, the product results extremely silent, which reflects a ​​greater discretion once placed in the home and turned on.
The metal grid, with its frame, allows you to customize the object by choosing among different colors: gray, purple, orange and beige, creating a perfect contrast with the glossy white  PP shell.
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