Klima is a soft heater radiator that integrates two heating systems  together in a single unit, radiator and convenction allows a uniform heat diffusion creating a pleasant sensation.
DSM created a design where clean lines and functionality meet in the sinuous overhang that enlivens the front surface in white metal.
Thanks to the upper profile in satin aluminum, the product presents a precious and accurate appearance.
Besides the aesthetic reason, the protruding element incorporates and hide the controls.
The studio opted for aesthetic / constructive solutions  that reduce the perception of space in volumes that results more subtle, an important quality for this  type of products.
The radiator is equipped with a mouvement sensor that adapt the product automatically lowering the room temperature  when it is empty. With the energy-saving security function, Klima switch to stand-by mode if windows are accidentaly left open, thus avoiding waste.
A special function allows you to control the daily and weekly level of  electricity consumption.
The radiator has an IP 24 protection index , which allows its use even in the bathroom and in humid environments.
The radiator is available in four versions power: 750W, which you could personalize with the installation of an aluminum bar towel rails, 1000W, 1500W and 2000W.
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