Designsumisura implement solutions "tailored" according to the real needs of companies.
And it is from this approach that comes TOUCH 
These are the main features: 
- Control panel with touch screen controls with LED display and intuitive interface 
- Reduced thickness, 11 cm, for a minimum footprint inside the bathroom 
- Presence sensor and programmable timer 
- Reduced fuel consumption 
- Towel 
Thanks to the study of the flow of air circulation TOUCH ensures very quiet operation and evenly distributes the flow of air for a perfect distribution of the temperature in the bathroom. The air filter protects the unit, prevents overheating and provides greater durability and reliability. 
TOUCH has a presence detection system that allows an energy saving smart. An infrared sensor integrated in the front panel detects the presence of people by setting an optimal temperature of comfort controlled by an electronic thermostat. 
If after 10 minutes, then there is no presence automatically switches to ECO mode (3.5 ° C less than the comfort temperature) for lower energy that allows you to save up to 25% energy compared to a traditional heater. 
TOUCH can also be programmed to obtain a comfortable temperature at a predetermined time to ensure the hot bath only when desired 
TOUCH is in double electrical insulation and IP 24 protection to protect it from splashing water, so that it can be installed in bathrooms or wet areas, with no risk 
TOUCH is available in 4 different colors with towel rail in the colors jade, purple, aquamarine and pearl.
The towel holder made ​​from rectangular frame that marks the outer perimeter of the product, is integrated in the compact size of TOUCH. The controls are all positioned frontally to ensure perfect visibility.
Detail of  controls panel.
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